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UCI Kitchen and bath offers commercial renovation to remodeling services to hotels, motels, restaurants, and old age homes.

Commercial Renovation

Our renovation experts work with you on planning, engineering, structural repair, and rebuilding. UCI’ s participation in the project begins immediately upon the project award and continues through the three phases of its clients’ projects: preconstruction, construction, and the post construction warranty period.

Our Construction


We are Responsible

We take full responsibility of any project we take on. We ensure to every customer that we will complete each project within the set time period while consistently delivering excellent service.

what we  do

Our experienced workers will transform your vision into a reality through skilled and meticulous work. UCI employees have the talent required to take the project from the drawing board into the actual environment with complete ease. We work with each client individually to put together a unique design that functions for the way they live. UCI Kitchen and Bath values each and every customer and his or her expectations for the result. We prioritize customer satisfaction, specifically making sure your imagination of the completed renovation matches the actual job. Our set of Planning Guides will closely guide each client through the steps of creating a model of the finished product.
We maintain the utmost quality in all the work we do regardless of the customer, timings, or location. We are very mindful of how important each project is and how influential it can be on a business, so we will provide the utmost thoroughness. Every detail is important to us, and we will exhibit that with every one of our clients. UCI Kitchen & Bath also provides customers with a reasonable, affordable price while maintaining a consistent caliber of performance and customer service. We fabricate materials in-house or import from international sources in order to make sure it meets customer expectations.
We completely understand that small businesses rely on the job being not only done well but also on time. To honor that we will promptly complete the project within the agreed time. We thoroughly go over the whole project details, recognizing any potential issues, before beginning any project. This allows us to give an accurate quote and time period for each renovation. This gets rid of any added costs or time to the project, giving customers a clear indication of the period during which they may have to make potential adjustments.




Interior Design


Design Planning