Most popular Kitchen Trends in 2017:
  • The neutral tones opening up to natural lighting, large windows, folding glass door wall systems are getting popular in 2017.
  • Getting bright and airy feel is common in 2017.
Most Popular Kitchen Granite Color 2017:
  • Soft neutral tone granite, Soft grey granties, White and Beige tones in kitchen is trendy now-a-days. Most homeowners prefer off-white, ash grays and beige colors as a common theme running throughout the home.
Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color 2017:
  • Wondering what color to paint your cabinets? While white cabinets continue to be tops, gray is the shade they're betting on to break white's top spot. Combining cabinet colors is a trendy look that's holding strong.
Trendy Kitchen Sink 2017:
  • Do you want trendy and different sink? Choose a colorful sink and make it more of a focal point that goes with backsplash.
Trendy Kitchen Light Fixtures 2017:
  • Choose a oversized light fixtures and make your kitchen unique
Trendy Kitchen Faucet 2017:
  • The kitchen of the future is hands-free faucet,
2017 Kitchen Trend is Backsplash Tiles:
  • In 2017, we expect backsplash tiles to remain the most popular choice as homeowners seek a backsplash style that stands out more.
  • Tiles with exotic finishes resembling natural stone, marble, wood brick is getting very popular.
  • Soft neutral tone granite and tile backsplash complements each other perfectly.

2017 Trends


Tile that looks like other surfaces


Thinner Countertops

  • - ½ inch instead of the typical ¾ inch width
  • - Neutral colored countertops in order to highlight other parts of the kitchen
  • - Beige, white, gray
  • - Floating countertops
  • - Slim slab sits on a raised substrate
  • - Veining and patterns to make the countertop look more natural


Tuxedo Cabinets

- Black & white or other complementary colors
- Wood paneling (aka shiplap)

Taller cabinets

- This makes the kitchen look bigger and brighter


  • - Decorative tiles are becoming increasingly popular
  • - With a more neutral countertop, the backsplash can be more bold
  • - You can even extend the backsplash to the ceiling, making it an accent wall


  • Darker floors and lighter walls/cabinets.
  • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth and neutral pH stone cleaner once a week.
  • For oily stains, use a poultice made of a cup of flour/baking soda and 5 tbsps of dish soap. Add water for a yogurt consistency. Place on stain and cover with plastic wrap overnight before washing it away.
  • For seasonal maintenance, splash countertop with water. If water flows freely instead of beading up, granite needs to be re-sealed.